Welcome to Webmastermason.

Webmastermason makes a great starting point for freemasons who are looking to build a masonic website. Virtually all of the content of this site is intended to help the would be webmastermason make the best website for his lodge. You can decide on what type of site you would like to build but we hope that we can assist in helping you pick the best type of layout, images and design features.

The text on this site is intended to help you jumpstart your design by suggesting the sort of content you may want to include, but don't let it limit you. The same is also true for the images - feel free to use any images on this site to better suit your particular needs. Have fun and make a great website!

Does my Lodge need a website?

The short answer to that question is 'YES' simply because in this day and age everyone uses the internet as a way of keeping in touch with events and to communicate, So with this in mind i have laid out a few pointers below to explain the advantages of having a lodge website.


Very soon all communication with Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge will be conducted via Email and if your lodge has its own website it will also have its own email address to receive these communications.

To Generate Awareness

The next most important reason is probably that a website of your own will promote your Lodge 24 hours every day, seven days each week, and to the whole world. Nothing else offers this flexibility.

To Improve Communication

Some Lodges use a website to keep members around the country, or even around the world in touch with whats going on in there mother lodge.As teleworking grows, this is likely to become increasingly important.There are other reasons, too numerous to go into here. Don't think the web is not for you, it is the future. It will change society, it will change our entertainment, and the way we do business.

As someone said of the web,
"There's no point in ignoring it,
it's as inevitable as the telephone".


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