Web Hosting.

Web hosting is a kind of Internet service provided by web hosting service providers that allows individuals and companies to provide their own websites available via the World Wide Web. The service providers provide the space on a server they own and operate for use by the hosting clients as well as providing Internet connectivity

Why it’s not recommended to put your website with FREE WEBHOSTING?

We can draw some parallelism with the truism “All the best things in life are not free.”

Despite the promises of exceptional service from free web hosts, we might end up with more problems than before if we take all our stakes to free web hosting. This is definitely not good to your lodge.

You have the luxury of choosing from quite a number of free hosting providers. You will be surprised at the value of offers this providers have for their hosting clients. They can offer you advanced services like CGI, shell access, PHP, SSI, and other advanced topics. All of these value added features are offered by the provider together with their ADVERTISEMENTS on your web pages.

The arrangements that free Web hosting offers can be practical for personal Web pages and for very small business Web pages. This is not for lodges. If your are running a serious lodge site, testing it using free web hosting can be good while you try to improve on your site and prepare the pages. But it is not good to run your lodge site with free web hosting unless you are able to turn off the advertising.

Here are the reasons why you should not consider free web hosting.

Almost all of the free web hosts generate revenue from their banner ads. They can really crowd your Web pages. What could be worse than seeing the ad of an anti-freemasonry site posted in your pages?

Another aspect where free web hosting doesn’t make the cut is service. Expect ‘poor’ service from free web hosting providers. If we are looking for the value of service that could approximate those of paid web hosts, then you will really be disappointed.

Most free web hosting services offer an incomplete package. It would be just a shell of the package offered by the regular paid web hosting service. Free Web hosts may support just one e-mail address or offer limited or low bandwidth transfers and disk space.

They also may not support certain scripts such as Flash or CSS. You would want your host to be flexible and be able to support the latest web design tools.

Contrary to what is claimed, free web hosting is not free. You will discover that you have to shell out somewhere along the line. This is the trade off you have to make for a free web hosting service. This may mean compromising the lodge’s image with the poor service that your visitors get from your website. In the end, you will have to settle for an upgrade to a paid hosting service to cut your losses.

Search engines are continuously evolving. For instance, search engines now look for definite characteristics of websites that many free web hosts do not have. In the meantime, Google and Yahoo search may not be able to find your site.

If you want a site that can really pay dividends for your lodge, then you should be ready to pay for it. As we have stated in our opening sentence, “All the best things in life are not free.”

What is Shared Web Hosting exactly?

Shared web hosting is a web hosting arrangement where multiple accounts are run from a single server, where all the accounts share the capacity and bandwidth. 

If you have had experience with personal websites that you ran from your home computer, then most probably, what you’ve got is a shared web hosting. Even if it is not specifically stated by your provider, most inexpensive hosting options are shared web hosting.

 This is ideal for lodges who are looking for the cost effective web hosting service for their basic needs.

Shared hosting is best for lodges with websites that have small or moderate traffic levels. These shared web hosting packages are offered at very modest and reasonable rates. The setup allows different customers to share computer hardware resources, and maintenance and operating cost are distributed over a large number of clients which results to reduced cost. Although the accounts are hosted to a single computer server, the hard drive space is separated so no one else has access to your files or data.

The strongest point about shared web hosting for most people is its low cost. You have the option to choose the amount of disk space and bandwidth you would need. Those who opt to sign up in a long term contract, the prices will be lower than paying on a monthly basis.

Since shared hosting is managed by the hosting company, all security and software updates and maintenance are performed by their staff. All shared hosting packages come with an easy to use client management interface that allows them to set up file and FTP access; manage email accounts and other basic functions. This set up provides the lodge full control of their websites.

Shared web hosting is not a perfect web hosting solution for everyone. However, one should always consider it as a web hosting option. This setup can allow us to start small and manage our costs, time and resources, while still having access to technical expertise of the web hosting company. This web hosting solution can be just the perfect one for you or your lodge.


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