Domain Names.

Choosing the right domain name could probably be the single most important thing that you have to do during the start up phase of your website. The name you choose must have the functionality to bring in the traffic to your site. You do it right and they easily find your site.

Before you set out and register a chosen name, it is wise to read the tips in choosing a domain name. Some of them might save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

Using your lodge name as the name of your site seems to be an obvious and logical ploy to follow. However, you will be surprised that not every website is named after the lodge name even if the webmaster owns that domain name. Using the domain name as the name of the site allows people to remember you by the name of your lodge. They can easily remember and type your URL which is also the name of your website.

The domain name must be a name that matches your lodge name. For marketing purpose, you would want to carry on to your URL the lodge image that you have been building on for years. For instance, if you’re the webmaster of Lodge Possilpark 1330, it would be more practical to use than the generic, as most serious visitors would probably already have an idea of the lodge that they want to find.

Are you intending to use a hyphenated name? It would be better to reconsider, as it might only give you a lot of headaches. Giving out your domain name verbally would be very difficult as it may lead to potential errors. Further, it is easier to type a domain name without the hyphens.

However, servers can easily pick out your domain name with hyphens, especially if you are using keywords in your domain name. Some webmaster decides to use the hyphenated domain name in instances when the non-hyphenated is no longer available

Whenever possible strive for the or .com It is the norm and you will definitely have no trouble with it.

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